Water-Rock Interactions (GEOL 5200-04 -- Fall 2010)

instructors: Kaszuba, Humphrey, Riebe, & Sims

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Schedule and Publications Depot

September 9, 2010
leader: John Kaszuba
topic: isotopic tracers of geologic carbon sequestration

Gilfillan et al., 2009 (.pdf - Nature paper; main topic of discussion)
Gilfillan et al., 2009 (.pdf - supplemental data for the Nature paper)
Gilfillan et al., 2008 (.pdf - GCA paper; background information)
discussion questions and notes (.doc)
slides (.ppt)

September 16, 2010
leader: Fred Mclaughlin
topic: isotopic tracers of mixing in coalbed methane reservoirs

Mclaughlin et al., in press (.pdf - accepted MS at AAPG Bulletin - galley proof)
list of questions (.doc)

September 23, 2010
leader: Curtis Chopping
topic: experimental investigations of geologic carbon sequestration

Orlando et al., 2010 (.pdf Chemical Geology)

September 30, 2010
leader: Tony Dosseto (Univ. Wollongong, OZ)
topic: U-Series Isotopes in Quantifying Timescales of Surface Processes

Dosseto et al., 2010 (.pdf Geology)
Braun 2010 (.pdf Nature Journal Club snippet)
list of questions (.doc)

October 7, 2010
leader Caroline Lo RĂ©
topic: hydrothermal degassing in seismically active zones

Uysal et al., 2009 (.pdf Chemical Geology)
list of questions (.doc)

October 14, 2010
leader: Bo Jessup
topic: chemical weathering on a desktop

Gabet et al., 2005 (.pdf Geology)
list of questions (.doc)

October 21, 2010
leader: Lindsey Brewer
topic: B, Li and Cl as hydrothermal markers

Raffone et al 2008 (.pdf Microchimica Acta)
Muraoka et al 2010 (.pdf Current Applied Physics)
list of questions (.doc)

October 28, 2010
leader: Claire Landowski

paper: TBD

November 4, 2010

November 11, 2010
leader: Claire Lukens

paper: TBD

November 18, 2010
leader: Allison Pluda

paper: TBD

November 25, 2010

December 2, 2010
leader: Tim Maloney

paper: TBD